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We specialize in carved wood wall art, rustic home decor and furniture, CNC wood carving, designing unique wood gifts and personalized wood art. We create beautiful wood art! What can we carve for you today?

We are a family owned business located in Charlotte, Michigan. We provide custom wood carving products carved from SOLID WOOD.  Our objective is to be one of the leading “MADE IN THE USA” wood carving source for your home, business, church or vacation home


Corzetti pasta has a long lineage. According to one legend, the pasta disks originated in 13th century Liguria and were intended to mimic gold coins of the Crusades era. The word corzetti, in fact, is said to be derived from the image of the Cross that some coins bore. Over the years, the disks had less to do with coins as they became symbols for wealthy Genovese families who often stamped them with their family crests and served them to their dinner guests. Today, the stamps are made with a variety of designs. If you’re lucky enough to find a craftsman, you can have them made to order with the stamp of your choosing. READ MORE…

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Treble Clef Wall Clock, Music Wall Decor

Treble Clef Wall Clock, Music Wall Decor

Unique Wall Clock for the Music Lover! TOPIC:  Unique Wall Clock for the Music Lover!  Over the years, we have been blessed to have come in contact with some very special people. This unique wall clock for the music lover is the latest in a long custom request list of...

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