Bow Hunter “This is my brain come HUNTING SEASON”

Bow Hunter “This is my brain come HUNTING SEASON”

Like so many of you, this is the time of year when our loved ones disappear into the woods! They eat, drink and sleep HUNTING! Gotta love that dedication. They must have been a postman in a previous life because NOTHING keeps them from hunting! Who was my inspiration? My brother-in-law!

Are you running out of gift ideas for your hunter? No matter how much they have, there is always room for “just one more,” at least, that is what I’m focusing on!

Antlers seem to be the “trending” wall decor. As I was doing my research for this project, antlers were EVERYWHERE in some form or another! I saw antlers on baby onesies, picture frames, wall decals, initial monograms, necklaces, chandeliers, boxer shorts, key chains, headbands, pillows, antler costumes and a category dedicated to “antler decor” and so much more……

Obviously, options is the KEY! I started out with carving the “bow hunter” inside the antler. It passed the “wow” test from my BIL….that was a great sign! You can customize this gift in many ways; wood species, stain preference, size and budget! Bow Hunter

Functionality was the other common denominator in my research! I wanted to build on the options theme buy developing a secondary product line to include 2 “wood word sign sayings” to hang from the antler wall hanging.

During the bow hunting season, it’s appropriate to hang, “This is my brain come HUNTING SEASON” sign under the antler wall hanging. When the hunting season changes over to the gun season, you can flip the sign to “Welcome.” This way, you’re always in SEASON! Bow Hunter Welcome Sign

I’m always looking for new wood carving ideas! I’d love to hear your suggestions. Follow the trail…..and leave me a message from your deer blind! Don’t be shy …. add a deer picture while you’re at it!

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