Gothic Pirate Wood Carving

Gothic Pirate Wood Carving


TheWoodGrainGallery specializes in 3D Wooden Pirate Wall Art including a pirate hat with crossed swords wood carving wall hanging perfect for your Halloween/Pirate Hat wall décor! This very rustic, almost Gothic Pirate wall hanging is perfect for the avid Halloween decoration collector OR a special gift for that amazing yearly Halloween Party host.

This MADE-TO-ORDER custom 3D wood carving allows you the freedom to pick your wood species, stain preference, size and budget. We offer many types of woods including Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, oak, ash just to name a few and you can always request a specific wood as our lumber supplier is just 3 miles down the road! You can order this wood carving raw/unfinished or pick a stain that fits your home decor. We off several finishes including satin, semi-gloss or gloss polyurethane finish. All of our wood carvings come with the wall mounting system included for your convenience and immediate hanging!

In terms of the size, our common sizes are 6 x 4 x 1, 8 x 6 x 1 or 10 x 7.5 x 1 BUT we specialize in custom orders and have the ability to make it smaller or as large as 3′ x 4′!

Custom Wood Carved Deer Camp Sign

It’s called BUCKMASTERS; have you heard of it?  It’s a site filled with anything and everything for the deer hunter enthusiasts!  If you have the time, it well worth the time to browse around!  As a side note, I am NOT affiliated with this website in any way; just passing along a great site I found during my Internet searches that I thought you might find interesting.

So…..where do you go to find a “custom 3D wood carved deer camp sign?  Our customer found TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop and starting looking for a custom deer camp sign. She found 3 wood carvings that were carved in the shape of a hallowed out log. She loved that for the frame for her custom deer camp sign. She contacted me directly regarding these listings and inquired if she could use the “log frame” for her deer camp sign but wanted to add a rifle, a standing deer and a male and female cardinals. The name of their camp is called the “Red Bird Deer Camp”; her idea was brilliant and we engraved the name of her camp into the hallowed out log frame.

This sign is carved from solid birch, stained with golden oak, red paint for the cardinals and black paint for the sign engraving. We applied a gloss polyurethane finish to complete the carving.  The hanging hardware was attached for immediate hanging.

TheWoodGrainGallery combines traditional sign engraving and add the 3D wood carving technique to create this unique, one-of-a-kind, deer camp sign.

In addition, you can see the stunning detail of the deer carving! Each wood carving undergoes a 3-step process. First, we prepare the wood for carving, carve the sign, and then we hand sand the entire part before applying the stain, paint and gloss finish. The final step is to mount and balance the wall hanging saw-tooth picture hanger so your sign will hang level.

Although CNC machines can cut very fast, we slow down the cutting process to avoid chipping and to capture the highest level of detail in all of our wood carving artwork. We want you to feel totally comfortable with your purchase and we take great pride in our work and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We encourage all of our potential customers to take some time and read TheWoodGrainGallery’s reviews.

Custom Wood Carved Deer Camp Sign

Wood Carved Elk Knick-Knack Wall Shelf Wood Carving

TheWoodGrainGallery created this stunning, OOAK Elk Wood Carving Entryway Key Holder that would make an excellent addition to your home or cabin.

The detail is stunning in this leaping elk 3D Wood Carved Elk furniture applique! Stunning entryway key holder for your elk hunting wall decor that provides a top shelf for your trophies and hooks for your keys or antlers. Imagine how awesome this will look at your Elk Hunting Cabin. It makes a perfect gift for any elk lover in your family!

This rustic entryway Key Holder and Elk Applique are carved from solid Hickory wood, no stain and a gloss polyurethane finish was applied. You can purchase this item as is at TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop.

However, custom wood carving orders allow you the freedom to pick your wood species and stain preference to meet your decorating needs. Other sizes are available by special custom requests and a link is located just below the photo. We love creating custom wood carvings.

Wood Wall Weather Station 3D Wood Carving

The Honey Hut Custom Weather Station

I was contacted by a wonderful woman who saw our Dog in the Marsh Weather Station on TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop Website and inquired if we could design a custom weather station for her husband, who is a Bee Keeper, as a gift that he could hang up in his workshop.

She described in length her theme for this piece and this is the final approved design. She liked the square design and wanted honeycomb carving as the background of her piece. We incorporated a pot of honey to create this one-of-a-kind Analog Weather Station.

She decided on solid cherry wood, stained with cherry and sealed it with a gloss polyurethane finish. The last step to finish this amazing piece was to place the barometer and temperature gauges!

Looking for an unique OOAK Weather Station?

We welcome custom order requests! You pick the theme and watch us create that special OOAK Wall Weather Station for your home, man-cave, cabin, lake house and these make great wedding, housewarming and anniversary gifts! To start the process, please fill out the Request A Quote Form.

Together, we will take your pencil-to-paper idea and turn it into a 3D Wood Carved Masterpiece! What can we create for you today?