Wood Bald Eagle American Flag Wood Carving

Words can not describe this beautiful piece of hand carved work. First of all, it was package perfectly so the piece could not get damaged. Once opened my eyes light up on how this hand carved piece turned out. The staining and poly is amazing. Thank you so much for such a beautiful patriotic piece. An AMERICAN VETERAN really appreciates this piece and highly recommends this piece to anyone and everyone.
American Bald Eagle US Flag

Patriotic Wall Decor

We are a PROUD nation and love to display our patriotism. This wood carved American Bald Eagle flying in front of the American Flag is a strong representation of the love for our country! No matter where you hang this beautiful carving the message is clear! This eagle wall hanging is a great gift for our Military families, family and friends.

Patriotic Wall Decor

DON’T SETTLE! Customize it with our PERSONALIZED relief wood carving services! We create the beautiful wood art seen in our shop with a technique called “relief carving.” “Custom Relief Carving” is a personalized service that we provide to our customers. You have the option to pick the wood species, stain preference, size and budget! In addition, we will engrave a special dedication on the back AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! We would be honored to make something special for your loved one.

Distressed Staining on Pine

Gifts for Firefighters

“Wood Carved Fireman And Fire Truck Wall Hanging”

This has been a wonderful experience. I never expected it to be so easy. Johanna kept me updated at all times, and was more than happy to accommodate everything I asked for. The final product was even more amazing than I expected. I definitely plan to use this again. There’s nothing more special than a customized gift.

Do you have a special fireman or firefighter that you would love to pay tribute to?

When I look at this wood-carved fireman plaque it gives me the goosebumps! This 3D firefighter wall hanging reaches out and touches your heart. You can feel the honor and pride coming from this piece of wood art. It’s true….. a picture is worth a thousand words!

Looking at this beautiful wood carved fireman plaque from the side, you can see the “relief carving” of the fireman, truck and badge! This style incorporates the frame as part of the wood carving.

As you look at this style, this requires a 2-step process. We carve the plaque itself and then we manually design the frame separately. We left a small edge on the wood carving so that it would fit into the frame perfectly.

When you order this gorgeous wood carving, you can request to have a separate wood species for the frame to create a different look!

This is an ideal gift for retirement, graduation, Father’s Day, birthdays, Fire Station Plaque, Christmas gift or any other gift-giving occasion. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind gift that you will be proud to give and you’ll be amazed as you watch your loved one’s eyes light up!

Custom Deer Camp Sign Live Edge Wood Sign Camp Lotzasnooze


Camp Lotzasnooze

Are you one of those lucky people who have a special place to go to relax, hunt, fish and enjoy nature’s beauty? Camp Lotzasnooze has been around for a very long time and the family wanted our company to design a live edge (cherry wood) bark slice deer camp sign for inside their cabin.

After speaking with the various family members, we were able to design a sign that captured the important aspects of their camp. The family chose this stunning cherry wood slab that was perfect for the design that we had created for them. We did some computer mock-ups of their design, and once approved, we began their project.

As you can see from the custom deer camp sign, we incorporated pine trees, mountains, moon and the outline of the cabin with a deer running through the open field. After the engraving process, we painted the engraved design black and sealed the slab with polyurethane gloss finish. We attached the saw-tooth picture hanging hardware on the back for convenient hanging.

We specialize in Custom Live Edge Signs with personalized engraving, in addition, we also offer dish relief carvings, as well. DON’T SETTLE. CUSTOMIZE IT! Create your own reclaimed wood sign that we can personalize with your family name, address, EST. Date, business logo, rustic wedding or save this date sign or dedicate it to that special person in your life!

Here at TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop, “custom relief carving” is a personalized service we provide to all of our customers to create unique 3D wood carvings for your home, office, church, cabin and business specializing in one-of-a-kind wood gifts that can be personalized for any special occasion.

To start this process, simply fill out a Request a Quote Form and give us as much information as you can to include your budget, dimensions, date needed by and any drawings, artwork or photos to help us better understand your expectations. We take that information and create computer pictures (CAD images) of your request and send them back to you. We continue this conversation until you are completely satisfied with the design of your custom wood carving. Next, we will create a private listing for you to purchase through TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop.

Are you interested in our backstory? We invite you to listen to the podcast and you will hear what our passions are, what inspires us, what it takes to produce high quality custom wood carvings, customizing your buying experience and providing personalized customer service.

Wedding Picture Frame Etsy Custom Bridal Picture Frames

Custom Wedding Picture Frame for the Bride

Wedding Picture Frame

After all the months of planning your wedding it’s hard to believe that your Wedding Day has become your first memory of your lives together!

Now, you find yourselves sitting at the kitchen table looking over all the proofs from your wedding day, reliving that wonderful day, and trying to decide which ones to order! When you have finally decided on that perfect 8 x 10 picture of the bride, we have the perfect wedding frame for that photo!

This elegant, solid walnut, wood-carved wedding picture frame with long stem roses surrounding the 8 x 10 oval opening is perfect for your bridal wedding picture. This frame is stunning and the design of the wedding picture frame brings the focus to the lovely bride front and center!

This frame is carved from solid walnut with an elegant thin frame that embraces the long stem roses placed on either side of the oval to showcase the bride!

You have total freedom when ordering this lovely wedding frame by selecting the wood species, stain preference or NO stain and size of the frame. We can personalize it on the front with a special message that you provide or a dedicated message on the back. We have other flowers options so you can change that part of the wedding frame, as well.

Custom Wood Carvings is our passion and custom relief carving is a personalized service we provide to create unique wood gifts. We look forward to working with you to create that unique, one-of-a-kind wedding picture frame for the bride!

Our wood carvings are available for purchase through our Etsy Shop. Be sure to visit TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop or you can always Request a Quote for any changes you would like to make to this existing listing.

Thanks for visiting TheWoodGrainGallery!

Wedding Picture Frame, Bridal Wedding Frame, Tulip Wedding Frame, Wood Frame, Custom Wedding FrameWedding Picture Frame

Are you interested in our backstory? We invite you to listen to the podcast and you will hear what our passions are, what inspires us, what it takes to produce high quality custom wood carvings, customizing your buying experience and providing personalized customer service.