Wood Letters for Walls with Upcycled Pallet Wood Frame

Vintage Letter H with ECO friendly pallet wood frame

The life-cycle is a journey unto itself! I’ve lived long enough to see the styles of my younger years become the “new.” Do you have something in your attic that you just couldn’t throw away only to find out it’s worth money now? Far out!! How about the torn jeans, over-sized sweatshirts that you only wore cleaning out the garage or working in the garden would become the “norm” dress code! Dream on! You know the saying, “One Person’s Junk is Another Person’s Treasure.” This generation has taken that saying and took it to an entirely new level. It’s called “Upcycling” and it’s everywhere!

As an entrepreneur, I decided to take advantage of this “exciting trend.” The first problem I had was to locate pallet wood. At first, I thought this was going to be an easy task, wrong. Since this trend is so popular, it became a “hunt” to find the pallet wood I wanted to use for my project….just like the 3 bears; not too old, not too new but just right! Solid! I got lucky and found a supplier just up the road from me; problem one solved.

My next challenge was to find the right graphics for my wood letters that would be engraved into my wood and placed into the pallet wood frame. I found this “vintage alphabet” and immediately fell in love with it. Outta sight!

After all that research and work, we are proud to introduce our Pallet Framed Vintage Wood Letter Alphabet Wall Decor! This particular listing features solid oak wood that is engraved with a Vintage Letter H placed inside the pallet wood frame. We painted the Letter H with black paint and sealed the oak wood with polyurethane. We did a light sand on the pallet frame but basically left it unfinished. The saw-tooth hanging hardware is attached for immediate display of your new Upcycled Wall Art!

You can purchase this Vintage Wood Letter H with Pallet Frame at TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop. We have the entire Vintage Alphabet; A-Z and we have 11 standard paint colors to choose from; Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.

Here are a few example of the Vintage Letters already listed in TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop.

Another service we provide is modifying an existing product. You’re not stuck with this design. Let’s say you like the engraved vintage letters but you want a different frame. No problem! You can contact us with any questions you may have regarding your design change and we are more than happy to answer them quickly. In addition, you can request a quote if your design request require changes in the original design; different frame or size. Let your imagination run wild and we look forward to working with you to create that unique one-of-a-kind wood letter wall decor!

Custom Corzetti Pasta Stamp Set for Amore Trattoria Italiana Restaurant in Michigan

Can’t wait to use my customized croxetti stamp tomorrow! Great customer service and quick shipping. Grazie Mille!

Custom Corzetti Pasta Stamp Set with Restaurant Logo

Jenna Arcidiacono, owner of Amore trattoria italiana restaurant, contacted TheWoodGrainGallery Etsy Shop on October 28, 2015. She was so excited to find us and started to inquire about making a custom Croxetti Pasta Stamp for her restaurant. During our initial conversations, she shared with me that she takes a group of customers to Italy every year and that she had just gotten back yesterday. She told me that one of the ladies at the cooking class they took had a personalized croxetti stamp and that’s when she decided that she wanted one too. When she got back to the states, she began searching the Internet and found TheWoodGrainGallery. Jenna was such a pleasure to work with! Her excitement in this project was contagious!

I thought I would walk you through the many steps from the initial contact to the finished product. The first step required Jenna submitting her logo so that I could begin the designing process. Next, I sent her an image of her logo as it would appear on the pasta. The second image I sent her was an image of her logo as it would appear on the croxetti pasta stamp. After seeing the images, Jenna decided that we would go with “Amore” only. After some back and forth tweaking of the design, she was able to approve the design.

I want to take this opportunity to identify the different parts of the Corzetti Pasta Stamp Set. The stamp is 2.5 inches in diameter and has a 2-inch handle turned on our lathe and stained with American Oak Stain. The cutter and stand are a single unit. The cutter allows you to “cut” your pasta discs and the stand typically with “circles” is where you place the pasta. Now, you can place the pasta disc on the stand and using your custom Corzetti Stamp press on the disc firmly. Take the pasta disc off the stand and you will see that on one side of your pasta is your logo and the other side has the circles giving your pasta a 2-sided design.

Jenna wanted to continue the designing process by changing the “stand” with circles to something completely different! I was really enjoying her excitement as she finished designing her custom logo for her restaurant. The direction she gave me was to find a design that had flowers and a heart in the design. We ultimately ended up with this gorgeous heart with flowers covering the inside shape of the heart!

I would like to leave you with a few of our other Custom Corzetti Pasta Stamp Sets! Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have. If you are interested in designing your own personal Corzetti Pasta Stamp, you may request a quote and we will work together to make that happen!

Unique Customized Gifts for your Hairstylist!

Unique Customized Gifts for your Hairstylist!

If you’re like me, my hairstylist is my dearest friend, my sounding board, great listener with amazing advice and has the magic to make me look and feel beautiful inside and out! I hope you are lucky enough to have such a stylist in your life!

We have created 4 different JC Scissor Blocks to choose from so you can pick one that fits your budget and style of your hairdresser. We are very fortunate to have the owner of the Encore Salon located in Haslett, Michigan launch this product line by providing one for each of her stylists!

Stylists are all about FASHION! Make a statement by giving them one of our 4 SOLID wood JC Scissor Block options that will let your stylist know how important they are to you! You will really “WOW” your stylist with this amazing gift which is available exclusively through TheWoodGrainGallery.

The first picture represents the JC Scissor Block in solid wood. The most popular wood choices are birch, cherry, hickory and maple. Our most popular stains are cherry, modern walnut, early American, golden oak, dark mahogany or no stain. We finish each wood block with an oil base finish. If you want to request a different type of wood species or stain, just fill out the Contact Us Form and tell us what wood species and stain preference you are looking for. We look forward to answering all of your questions.

The second picture represents the JC Scissor Block in solid wood that is CUSTOMIZED with their Logo or personal message. It’s simple! Send me their logo or message and I’ll provide you with several mock-up images and together we will create the perfect design. The last thing you have to do is pick the color for the logo or message! Wasn’t that easy?

The third picture represents the JC Scissor Block in solid wood that is CUSTOMIZED with their logo or personal message AND a unique wood carving of your choice. Here we did a pair of scissors! What better way to personalize your gift with something that your hairstylist is passionate about! Provide me with their logo or message, color preference and object to carve. I will mock-up your design and send you several images for your approval. This is truly a one-of-kind gift for a very special person in your life!

The fourth picture represents the JC Scissor block in solid wood that can be painted any color! Provide us with your paint preference and we will confirm that we have that paint available.

In closing, let me introduce to you the owner of Encore Salon. Kim, thank you so much for the opportunity to launch the JC Scissor Block product line in your fabulous salon. Click on Kim’s beautiful face and it will take you to their website. Checkout all of the services they provide and the hairstylists that perform “magic.” Click on the ladies under the hairdryers and it will take you to their Facebook page. Leave a comment and tell them Johanna from TheWoodGrainGallery sent you!

Don’t Settle! Customize It!

CUSTOM RELIEF CARVING is a personalized service that we provide to our customers.

Our focus is to provide you, our customer, with the best buying experience ever! The buying trend is all about “customizing and personalizing” the shopping experience. Today, we are going to be discussing how TheWoodGrainGallery meets that need.

We offer 3 types of customization for our customers who absolutely love what we sell but want to personalize their purchase to their buying needs.

Customize and personalize an existing wood carving in our shop
Design a wood carving based on your submitted idea
Cabinet door and stair riser custom wood carving
Today, we will be discussing the process of customizing and personalizing an existing listing in our shop. Our custom fishing sign is a perfect example. Personalized Fishing Sign Listing

We had a groom-to-be customer reach out to our shop requesting that we personalized this sign for his best man by engaging the “Ask A Question” button located to the right of the listing photo. He submitted the “personal message” he wanted engraved in this wood-carved fishing sign. Next, we did a “mock-up” of his design for his approval.

Once he approved the design, we moved on to the next phase; wood species and staining preference. Each listing will have a chart of the “most commonly requested” wood species with a different stain application to help you better visualize your final wood carving. You can always request other wood species and/or stain just in case you do not see what you are looking for. He picked cherry wood with cherry stain; GORGEOUS! Next, we applied the polyurethane gloss finish (you can request a satin), attached the picture frame hanging hardware and it’s ready to be shipped! We then posted the final photo inside the Completed Best Man Fishing Sign

This finished listing “inspired” Linda to start the process all over again. She customized this fishing sign into the PERFECT anniversary gift!

We love working with our customers to help them create that “special gift.” Remember, Don’t Settle! Customize It! We do not mass produce our wood art pieces providing our customers with a true one-of-a-kind buying experience. What can we create for you today?