Delhi Charter Township Dedication Plaque

I’ve lived in Holt for over 5 decades. I hear, almost on a daily basis, the sirens of the brave men and women of the Delhi Township Fire Department, EMT Team and Police Department responding to the vast needs of our community. You put your lives on the line for us EVERY DAY! I wanted to give a gift of appreciation for all of the hard work you do to keep us save and come to our hour of need albeit a fire, car accident or someone in need of medical attention in our community. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! We appreciate you!

My dad approached me several months ago wanting to create an one-of-a-kind appreciation gift for the Delhi Charter Township firefighters, EMT’s and Police that serve his community. Together, we created a functional wall clock that on a daily basis would remind them how much we appreciate their service!

Will you JOIN Joe and his family’s challenge of taking just a few minutes of your time today and leave a comment thanking the fine men and women who serve our community? It WILL mean so much to these community servants and their families to hear from you! Post, comment and share! Thank you!


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