Unique Customized Gifts for your Hairstylist!

Unique Customized Gifts for your Hairstylist!

If you’re like me, my hairstylist is my dearest friend, my sounding board, great listener with amazing advice and has the magic to make me look and feel beautiful inside and out! I hope you are lucky enough to have such a stylist in your life!

We have created 4 different JC Scissor Blocks to choose from so you can pick one that fits your budget and style of your hairdresser. We are very fortunate to have the owner of the Encore Salon located in Haslett, Michigan launch this product line by providing one for each of her stylists!

Stylists are all about FASHION! Make a statement by giving them one of our 4 SOLID wood JC Scissor Block options that will let your stylist know how important they are to you! You will really “WOW” your stylist with this amazing gift which is available exclusively through TheWoodGrainGallery.

The first picture represents the JC Scissor Block in solid wood. The most popular wood choices are birch, cherry, hickory and maple. Our most popular stains are cherry, modern walnut, early American, golden oak, dark mahogany or no stain. We finish each wood block with an oil base finish. If you want to request a different type of wood species or stain, just fill out the Contact Us Form and tell us what wood species and stain preference you are looking for. We look forward to answering all of your questions.

The second picture represents the JC Scissor Block in solid wood that is CUSTOMIZED with their Logo or personal message. It’s simple! Send me their logo or message and I’ll provide you with several mock-up images and together we will create the perfect design. The last thing you have to do is pick the color for the logo or message! Wasn’t that easy?

The third picture represents the JC Scissor Block in solid wood that is CUSTOMIZED with their logo or personal message AND a unique wood carving of your choice. Here we did a pair of scissors! What better way to personalize your gift with something that your hairstylist is passionate about! Provide me with their logo or message, color preference and object to carve. I will mock-up your design and send you several images for your approval. This is truly a one-of-kind gift for a very special person in your life!

The fourth picture represents the JC Scissor block in solid wood that can be painted any color! Provide us with your paint preference and we will confirm that we have that paint available.

In closing, let me introduce to you the owner of Encore Salon. Kim, thank you so much for the opportunity to launch the JC Scissor Block product line in your fabulous salon. Click on Kim’s beautiful face and it will take you to their website. Checkout all of the services they provide and the hairstylists that perform “magic.” Click on the ladies under the hairdryers and it will take you to their Facebook page. Leave a comment and tell them Johanna from TheWoodGrainGallery sent you!

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