Log Cabin Wall Hanging Wood Carving

Wood Carved Log Cabin

Wood Carved Log Cabin Wall Hanging


This log cabin solid ash wood carving wall hanging is a perfect piece of art for decorating your rustic cabin walls. Peaceful. Majestic. Retirement. Quiet. Hunting Cabin. Weekend Getaway. There are so many ways to describe this incredible piece of artwork!

Custom orders allow you the freedom to pick your wood species, stain preference, size and budget from the drop-down boxes to the left of the listing photo. The last photo is a chart to help you with the stain color on the different types of wood as a guideline. This piece is carved from solid cherry wood and stained with light and dark shade of cherry stain.

The wood species available include SOLID birch, cherry, hickory or maple wood. Other wood species are available upon request. Our most common stains include cherry, modern walnut, early American, dark mahogany or natural. Again, other stains are available upon request. We currently offer 3 sizes in inches: 9 x 6.5, 15 x 11 and 20 x 15. Other sizes are available upon request. At no additional charge, we can personalize this with a special message or dedication engraved on the back of this beautiful wood carving. What can we create for you?

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