Wood Carved Cabinet Doors

This solid oak Deer Camp Kitchen Cabinet was delivered to our shop. We worked closely with the owner to pick the perfect relief carvings that represent the deer cabin, the scenery and method of hunting. We were commissioned to carve 4 cabinet door panels and one cabinet drawer. Our customer wanted a different scene for each section.

The left upper panel is a deer scene with cabin and woods in the background. This particular carving was a dish (sunken) design in an oval shape centered in the cabinet door. The upper right upper panel is a buck standing in front of a waterfall in the woods.

The drawer features several stunning deer in the wood scene that expands the entire length of the 2 drawers.  It’s a continuous scene that is split between the 2 drawers in the kitchen cabinet. The deer antler handles gave the finishing touch to this part of the cabinet! The lower left cabinet door reveals a round dished relief carving of a bow hunter! It faces the bear head carved into the right lower cabinet door. The cabinet was stained with Early American stain and sealed with a semi-gloss polyurethane finish. The owner purchased custom ordered door knobs to fit the theme. This was such an exciting piece to work on.

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