Wood Case Holder for Stylist Scissors

JC Scissor Block

The JC Scissor Block by TheWoodGrainGallery is an “original” JC design specifically for the care and storage of your most important investment as a hair stylist; your scissors. Each JC Scissor Block can be personally customized by each individual stylist, barber or salon to meet their style! The JC Scissor Block allows the professional stylist to personalize their workstation with a shear block to safely secure their scissors and be stylish all at the same time!

This solid hickory wood JC Scissor Block has no stain and the engraved business card painted in black is stunning block that will look amazing on your workstation! Each block is made individually and we have many different types of wood species available.

This solid birch wood JC Scissor Block is painted black. Each block is individually made and you can pick a color that matches your personal taste or to match your salon decor. Customize your JC Scissor block with your personal touch! Brighten up your workstation while keeping your scissors secure.

Check out the other designs that are available through our Etsy Shop JC Scissor Block Section.

We currently offer 4 design options; Solid Wood JC Block (natural or painted, Solid Wood JC Block with engraving on 2 sides, Solid Wood JC Scissor Block with engraving on 3 sides, and finally our JC Scissor Block with engraving on 2 sides and dish relief carving of your choice.

It’s so beautiful! I love the costume design. (5 Star Review)

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