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Wood Art, Wood Wall Art, Wood Wall Decor, Wood Carving has been expanding and diversifying our custom wood carving design services to include commercial venues, business remodeling, and retail vendors; however, our wonderful wooden gifts are still available at TheWoodGrainGallery Gift Shop on Etsy.

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Some of our previous accounts include:

  • Lt. Col. Oliver North; custom retirement plaque – Military Retirement Plaque
  • Home Depot; Bald Eagle with Flag, display board – Pittston, PA
  • Fairview Grand Memory Center; customized Cherub Decor – Grand Ledge, Michigan
  • Hocking College; custom designed wooden corbels – Nelsonville, Ohio
  • Bartolini Kitchens; custom Corzetti Pasta Stamps – Chef Blog
  • Ancient Redwoods RV Park Gift Shop; custom redwood carvings – California
  • Kokopelli’s Korner, LLC – Howell, Michigan
  • JRT Construction, LLC – JRT – Charlotte, Michigan
  • Phillips Fabrication – California
  • Sun Mountain Rustic Furniture, Livonia, MI
  • Encore Salon; Logo-Engraved, JC Scissor Blocks- Haslett, MI
  • Delphi Charter Police and Fire Departments; custom service-acknowledgement clock, Holt, MI
  • Lansing Fire Department; personalized retirement clock, Lansing, MI
  • … and the list keeps growing. welcomes the opportunity to work for you!  We provide personalized, custom, unique wood carvings and plaques for any and all occasions. Retirement or employee plaques, high-end wooden gifts for your boss or clients, and new products for your retail stores are made with great attention to detail and input from the customer.  Please send an inquiry to, or fill out a contact form or Request a Quote Form.

We encourage you to read customer reviews; starting with Bartolini Kitchens.


from the Bartolini Kitchens

Corzetti pasta has a long lineage. According to one legend, the pasta disks originated in 13th century Liguria and were intended to mimic gold coins of the Crusades era. The word corzetti, in fact, is said to be derived from the image of the Cross that some coins bore. Over the years, the disks had less to do with coins as they became symbols for wealthy Genovese families who often stamped them with their family crests and served them to their dinner guests. Today, the stamps are made with a variety of designs. If you’re lucky enough to find a craftsman, you can have them made to order with the stamp of your choosing.
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What my customers say about me

“Beautiful wreath. Fits between front door and screen door. It is well made and arrived quickly.”

AMY WARRENNovember 30, 2016

I am truly in awe, this is beyond words. Absolutely stunning. The woodwork is amazing!!! The details is perfect and I am truly amazed at the talent of this shop. I am very pleased!!!!

darkelf1November 26, 2016

Gorgeous, I’m very happy with it. It’s a work of art. So intricately carved. The wood, the stain, the poly everything I imagined….it even smelled great…. I hope the people I’m giving it to as a gift will be as impressed and excited as me. I will definitely be ordering something else in the future. Thank you….happy holidays

cflanagan918November, 26, 2016

I had two of the grapevine carvings made in the 5″ size for a project. They are nothing short of amazing! Johanna was very cooperative, and most importantly, very patient with my demands. These carvings are beautiful and certainly dress up my project! I highly recommend this exceptional seller!

Meg Warmus November 13, 2016
Cross Personalized Engraving

Pictures on Wood

Pictures on Wood   Pictures on wood is one of the hottest trends in the personalized gift-giving marketplace.  We are so excited to be able to share with you that we now have the ability to convert a picture into a wood carving. …
Black Bear Redwood Wall Hanging

California Redwood Tree Wood Carving

California Redwood Tree Scene Wall Hanging   California redwood trees do not need an introduction!  If you get a chance, you should visit the redwood parks!  I really cannot describe the beauty of these amazing trees.  As a tourist,…
Woodland Wood Carving

Gift for Him Deer Decor

GIFT FOR HIM DEER DECOR   Buying gifts for men, particularly for deer hunters, can be quite the challenge.  By now, most hunter's have everything under the sun and want every new item that comes out on the market; at least that is…
Rustic Cabin Decor

Rustic Bathroom Set Wall Decor

Looking for a 3-piece rustic bathroom set that includes moose, bear and a cabin in the woods?  This young woman loved our wood carvings.  She was looking rustic wood wall art pieces that would compliment her rustic cabin decor bathroom theme. …

Jungle Nursery Rainbow Zebra Wall Decor

Do you love the idea of a Jungle Nursery for your baby's room?  There are so many exciting things that need to be done when you are pregnant; picking out names, trying to decide if you want to know the sex of your child or not, baby showers,…
Victory Ocean Sailing Ship

Vintage Sailing Ship Wood Carving

Vintage Sailing Ship Wood Carving   This stunning, wood carved vintage sailing ship, called the Victory Ocean Sail Ship, was the first time for our company to create a collector's nautical themed wall hanging.  The depth of the relief…
Mixed Media Kitchen Wall Decor

Kiss the Cook Sign

Mixed Media Kiss the Cook Wall Sign   If you have been to our Etsy TheWoodGrainGallery Gift Shop lately, you may have noticed that we are continuing to expand our product lines.  We currently have 15 different categories but the…
Cross Personalized Engraving

Wooden Cross Wood Carving

Custom Engraved Wood Cross for Conference Table Centerpiece   A local Michigan man contacted our company requesting a custom engraved, wooden 24" cross to be used as a conference table centerpiece. He wanted a simple but traditional…