Cowgirl’s Prayer Wall Hanging Wood Carving

Western Decor Praying Cowgirl

Cowgirl’s Prayer


I love custom orders!!!  The above image is the final wood carving of our customer’s pencil-to-paper idea that we were able to turn into a masterpiece. This is a new wood carving with the Cowgirl kneeling as she prays before the cross in the desert with her horse; underneath you have the engraving of the “Cowgirl’s Prayer.” This faith-based wood carving makes an ideal gift and is perfect for your Western Home Decor.

This faith-based wood carving of a cowgirl kneeling and praying in front of the cross with her horse beside her was a special customer request for her daughter.

She had seen a similar listing in our Etsy Shop of a cowboy and cowgirl praying in the desert and she asked us to change the wood carving to display a cowgirl praying, as she wanted to add the prayer underneath.

Hopefully, this is giving you an idea of the process behind the work we do. As we do custom work for you, I will be sending you CAD renderings of all the different sections of your carving before moving forward with the carving process.

Our customer ended up picking solid cherry wood, stained with cherry and the Cowgirl’s Pray was stained with dark mahogany. We sealed it with a polyurethane gloss finish; a saw-tooth picture frame hanger was installed. Custom orders normally take 5-7 business day from the time the custom design is approved.

In this case, our customer was inspired by another listing. If you see a listing that you like but would like to modify it to meet your specific needs; no problem. Just fill out the Request A Quote Form and provide us with as much information as possible and together we will create that one-of-a-kind piece of art just for you! When you are ready to purchase the approved design, I will list a “Reserved” listing for you in our Etsy Shop. Etsy handles all of the financial transactions and our shop NEVER has access to your financial information and has a great policy to protect it’s buyers.

Finally, I encourage you to read our Customer Reviews and see what our former customers have to say out our shop, products, customer service and their overall experience with our Shop!

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